Supporting Families

Solomon strongly believes that creating healthy work environments will benefit all people in society, and therefore policies supporting such environments should immediately be enacted. Solomon also recognizes that workplace policies that restrict parental leave most negatively affect struggling and underprivileged families, women of color, indigenous women, nonbinary people, and people with disabilities. As such, Solomon commits to:

  • Work to end hiring and workplace discrimination against mothers and pregnant people.

  • Work to ensure that all people in this country have access to paid parental leave, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity, or whether their children are adopted or biological. 

  • Work to create more opportunities for parents and caregivers in the workforce and economy. 

  • Support and advance universal child care, and will work to ensure it is enacted by Congress.

When parents are provided with parental support and paid parental leave, they are given a clear pathway to upward mobility. The policies Solomon will support in Congress will level the playing field for families of all socioeconomic backgrounds. 

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