Immigration Reform

ICE is a source of terror for immigrant communities across this country.  ICE was created in 2003, and it has warped into an organization that has grossly violated the human rights of countless immigrants. They have ripped children from their parents’ arms and are keeping them in cramped cages. They have conducted raids and are under little oversight. At this point, we must Eliminate CBP and ICE and permanently close concentration camps and “immigrant detention” programs. Also, we must prosecute all ICE and CBP agents who are responsible for violations of human rights.

As Americans, we must take responsibility for the unstable situations that we helped create in many of the countries from which we receive immigrants.  We must stop causing chaos in countries south of our border.  We must rectify this injustice and also allow those who have already been affected to seek refuge in a place of safety.  We must treat immigrants as humans.  Yes, this means giving them food and shelter, and keeping them out of cages. We must also end for-profit detention centers that exist to make money off of these immigrants’ tragic circumstances. 

We must support DACA, but we cannot keep these Americans in perpetual limbo. They were brought by their parents, and they have grown up as Americans. They deserve a path to citizenship. That is why Solomon supports the DREAM Act. 

The Muslim Ban is still in effect today. For years now, many Americans have not been able to see their relatives from Muslim-majority countries. We cannot ban people from foreign countries based on their religion; it is simply unconstitutional. Solomon would advocate to repeal the Muslim ban immediately.

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