Racial Justice

Since the formation of the United States, lawmakers have made policies that have negatively impacted and actively oppressed marginalized communities. Up until the 1970s, state legislatures created and enforced racial segregation that increased the wealth gap, education gap, and housing gap between black and white Americans. Banks and insurance companies systematically deny their services to majority black neighborhoods, a discriminatory practice based on redlining policies throughout the 20th century. These actions ensure the upward mobility of white Americans over black Americans. In addition, the United States Government has repeatedly disregarded the basic rights of indigenous people by taking their land and using it for the government’s own objectives.

Solomon’s vision of a progressive America is one that provides the necessary resources for everyone to succeed, and one that does not make room for a system that depends on racism to function. Solomon will support any measure that decreases and eliminates racial inequality, because allowing racial inequality to continue is fundamentally un-American, undemocratic, and unacceptable. The current centrist establishment in our district keeps proposing slow, babystep policies to expand racial justice. Solomon thinks that this is a disservice to the communities of color in our district who will be required to suffer under the racial inequality that the establishment will allow to continue. Solomon is #donewaiting on the establishment to take bold action, and that is why he will support the following policies.


Voting Rights 

  • Solomon supports restoring the Voting Rights Act.

  • A disproportionate amount of African-Americans have been incarcerated in the United States. Solomon will work to restore the right to vote to Americans who have had it taken away because of their felony conviction.

  • Solomon will work to ensure that all Americans are automatically registered to vote as soon as they turn 18 years of age.

  • Solomon opposes gerrymandering and voter suppression in any form, and will ensure that redundant voter ID laws are abolished.

  • Solomon supports making Election Day a national holiday.

Environmental Justice 

  • Solomon recognizes that pollution and climate change negatively affect low income communities more than privileged communities. He therefore completely supports the Green New Deal, a proposal that would decrease environmental racism and increase green jobs in low income communities. 


Economic Justice 

  • Solomon supports HR 40, a bill that would allow for an investigation into the benefits of reparations for Black Americans. 

  • Solomon supports raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, especially since the number of hard working Americans in minimum wage jobs are largely and disproportionately people of color. 

  • Solomon’s platform prioritizes free college tuition and eliminating student debt because he recognizes that student debt disproportionately affects people of color. 

  • Solomon will work to end all redlining practices and housing discrimination and he supports any measure that makes housing more affordable.


Ending Cycles of Poverty and Violence 

  • Solomon supports the elimination of private prisons and detention centers, as well as the elimination of cash bail.

  • Solomon is in favor of addressing the school-to-prison pipeline by taking police officers out of schools, and increasing funding for support staff, nurses, mental health professionals, and decreasing class sizes

  • Solomon supports any policy that would help rebuild communities that have disproportionately been affected by the war on drugs. 

  • Solomon supports a single-payer system for healthcare which would help eliminate racial disparities in healthcare. 

  • Solomon is also committed to expanding and protecting reproductive rights. Rights protected under Roe v Wade have been repeatedly violated through state legislatures. When reproductive healthcare is restricted, communities of color and low income communities are disproportionately affected. 

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